If experience matter, expertise adds value, Kelnet is unarguably the choice for technology and IT companies to rely on, while choosing an Internet service provider. In the present market ruled by majors, Kelnet stands tall and surging ahead, by expanding it's basket of new services. At Kelnet, we tend to pose a question to ourselves, almost everyday. Should price rival performance ? We answer it with absolute qualities that helped our business to grow, even after long 15 years; 'No' to discounting performance, a bigger 'Yes' to excellence in service and support. Looking back, founded in 1995, we are one of the first ISPs in the state of Kerala, which was then a natural extension of our consultancy as Email & Internet services, started even before these words started peeping into our state. Over the years, Kelnet sharpened it's technology teeth by offering cutting edge internet bandwidth services to enterprises, mostly IT/Software businesses.
The strong association and closer ties with technology companies enabled Kelnet to stay focussed and stay front line of technology. We are now offering more than just connectivity; Data Centre Solutions, Enterprise wide back up connectivity, Static IP lease, Enterprise Messaging and server colocation, network consulting services, web hosting services are few of our new services.

The Internet Data Centre (IDC), situated at the Technopark is equipped to deliver highest levels of availability, security and scalability for software/IT businesses. The infrastructure connected to a Multi model ISP Network Operating centre via BGP routing with more than 4 ISP Backbones can assure the highest availability. A team of experts in Internet transmission, data transfer, routing and networking, Stream Computing ensure the operational excellence of our central hub. The true value of Kelnet lies in it's ability to understand, correlate the unique needs of an organisation and in tailoring solutions that can immediately resolve the data transactional bottlenecks. Kelnet also has the distinction of being the first IP communication company in Kerala. We are now offering Full portfolio of conncetivity solutions for IT Businesses. Be it a straight forward connectivity, a tailor made bandwidth solution you may need for longer or shorter duration, be it about strenghtening your back up connectivity options, we help empowering companies with stability in data transfer. Staying connected to the clients and to their business network is superior to the successes of any businesses. We leverage our success from being the back bone of Internet access to those companies. Enhanced local service and support through dedicated service team, Industry leading price/performance ratio are our pillars of strength.

Kelnet has the pionerring distinction of introducing - Rapid Up Scaling/ Rapid Down Scaling (RUS/RDS), a model that helps companies to opt for variable uplinkling and downlinking plans on demand. Kelnet offers plans to cut costs, enahance speed performance, mature redundancy, and to save on data transfer overheads. Being part of Technopark community, our clients enjoy the visibility and physical access to the co-located servers. Our clients inside the campus enjoys the privilages of Gigabyte support link to the servers, we have dedicated fibre connectivity to every buildings within the campus of Technopark. We continuously invests on new technology, latest infrastructure and transmission links, training technology team and in accessing innovative solutions.

Kelnet wants to grow along with you, by harmoniously strengthening the businesses by offering superior quality connectivity and enterprise data solutions.All this absolutely lesser headaches to the highly paid CTOs and CIOs. Talk to us today, you will be surprised to know more about our uniqueness in offering solutions that suits you, more than ever.