1) Colocation Data Center

Colocation data center, first of its kind in Kerala with multiple connectivity, is Kelnet’s unique product, located in the heart of the IT hub of Kerala, Technopark, Trivandrum.

What is colocation data center?
A colocation data center is a type of data centre where multiple customers locate network, server and storage gear and interconnect to a variety of telecommunications and other network service provider(s) with a minimum of cost and complexity. Colocation is becoming popular because of the time and cost savings a company can realize as result of using shared data centre infrastructure. With IT and communications facilities in safe, secure hands, telecommunications, internet, ASP and content providers, as well as enterprises, enjoy less latency and the freedom to focus on their core business. Additionally, customers reduce their traffic back-haul costs and free up their internal networks for other uses. Moreover, by outsourcing network traffic to a colocation service provider with greater bandwidth capacity, web site access speeds should improve considerably.

Why colocation data center?
• You don't have to worry about recurring capital costs if you
are upgrading since you can rent more space (or give up space if you are
• You are saved the expense of hiring and training
your own personnel to operate and maintain your systems. If you have to
upgrade, having your own personnel means additional training costs or paying
outside consultants.
Our facilities
Our Colocation data center offers physical space on lease to customers for housing their servers and other computing devices. You install your servers and/or other telecommunication equipment in the physical space leased from us. The leased space is typically comprised of either full cabinets or portions of a cabinet measured in Rack Units or RU (1RU corresponds to 1.75 vertical inches of space). Much larger spaces, like a caged section of a room or complete private rooms or suites, are also available depending on your requirements.
All leased space is supported by:
• Redundant centralized cooling system
• 24x7 power back-up systems with dual UPS system for all equipment to ensure zero downtime or minimal disruption in operations due to power failure.
• High-capacity, reliable power generators
• Giga byte link to colocated server on customized fiber link( unique feature for Technopark companies)
• Fire safety
• Data security and back-up facility with diverse firewalls and anti-malware programs
• High end 24/7 onsite security to prevent unauthorized entry
• Networking equipment including state-of-the-art, fully redundant high-end switches and routers, BGP4 routing for optimal path selection and full redundancy.
• Customized MRTG for each server
• VPN access to servers
• 24/7 engineering and technical support. Downtime notification by sms/ e-mail directly to the clients. Uptime graph.
• Infrastructure stability- Colocation facility has multiple locations for fiber optic cables to enter the building, to provide redundancy so that communications can continue if one bundle of cables is damaged

Advantages of Colocation
• Value for money- includes only initial set up and deployment charges.
• Redundant multi-homing- BGP routing with more than 3 ISP backbones for the high availability.
• 24x7 access and control of your servers- proximity to the server since located inside technopark campus.
• Proximity to the upcoming Technocity.
• 24x7 proactive monitoring of your entire infrastructure- Server monitoring including SNMP and WMI monitoring capabilities to every device in your system. Real time server statistics including CPU, memory disk space usage and network traffic for capacity planning and performance monitoring.

2) Customer Support
Customer care involves putting systems in place to maximize our customer’s satisfaction. Service quality of Kelnet is beyond words and we recommend you to be our client to experience it. To get an overview of our infrastructure that supports you, please read below.
Easy Availability & Affordability: KelNet access packs are available through a wide dealer network, so that you can pick one off the shelf in your vicinity. Or you could simply call us and you are on your way PRICING PLAN to being a savvy netizen!! . User-based packages at affordable rates could be tailored to your needs and upgraded or downgraded whenever required based on SLA.
Easy Access: You can reach us anytime during working hours as we are just a call/walk from your company premises - due to our prime office location at Park centre.
Hi-Technology: KelNet is powered by equipments and software provided by industry-leaders including Microsoft, Oracle, Red Hat, Lucent technologies, CISCO, Mettle, 3Com, etc, so that our service is truly world class. We can provide bandwidth temporarily on demand to meet a certain requirement/scenario
Technical assistance: Round the clock helpdesk with site visit by our engineers if required to resolve technical issues.