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With a rich legacy dating back to 1995, KelNet has been at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge Internet services in the state of Kerala. Founded as one of the first ISPs in the region, we have continuously evolved to meet the dynamic needs of technology and IT companies, earning a reputation for unmatched expertise and reliability.
At KelNet, we believe that experience matters, and expertise adds value. In a market dominated by major players, we stand tall and surge ahead by expanding our range of new services. One question drives us every day – should price rival performance? Our resounding answer is a firm “No” to discounting performance and a resounding “Yes” to excellence in service and support. Our journey over the last 15 years has been defined by a commitment to providing unparalleled service quality.
Our state-of-the-art Internet Data Centre (IDC) situated at Technopark ensures the highest levels of availability, security, and scalability for IT and software businesses. Connected to a Multi-model ISP Network Operating Centre via BGP routing with more than 4 ISP Backbones, we guarantee optimal availability. Our team of experts in Internet transmission, data transfer, routing, and networking ensures operational excellence.

As pioneers

Of the Rapid Up-Scaling/ Rapid Down Scaling (RUS/RDS) model, we empower companies to opt for variable uplinking and downlinking plans on demand. Our plans cut costs, enhance speed performance, ensure redundancy, and save on data transfer overheads.

Being part of the Technopark community, our clients enjoy visibility and physical access to co-located servers. Within the campus of Technopark, dedicated fiber connectivity to every building ensures seamless connectivity.

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    KelNet’s pillars

    Of strength are enhanced local service and support through a dedicated service team and an industry-leading price/performance ratio. We continuously invest in new technology, the latest infrastructure, training technology teams, and access to innovative solutions.


    With KelNet today and experience unmatched connectivity, stability, and support for your technology-driven ventures. Our full portfolio of connectivity solutions is designed to propel your business forward, ensuring success and growth in the digital age. Connect with us and stay ahead of the curve with KelNet!